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Adding Gong videos to your rooms

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With the Gong integration for Aligned, adding Gong recordings to your Library and Rooms has never been easier. Follow the simple steps below to integrate and use this feature:

Integration Setup

  1. Log in to Aligned.

  2. Go to the Integration page.

  3. Click Connect on the Gong integration.

  4. Click the Allow button to approve the connection.

  5. Your Gong account is now connected!

  6. Now, from within an Aligned workspace, you’ll see an option to add Gong videos.


To upload a Gong meeting recording to your Room or Library, follow these steps:

  1. From a Room:

    1. Option 1:

      1. Add a large section by pressing on the plus icon.

      2. Scroll to the right and choose the Gong format.

    2. Option 2:

      1. Add a gong section directly from the list in the drawer.

      2. Press on the plus section item.

      3. Search for Gong in the Integrations and add it.

  2. From the Library:

    1. Go to the Library.

    2. Press on Upload.

    3. Choose the Gong format.

  3. Then, for both Room or Library just search for a recording by name and dates.

  4. You can give a specific name to the recording.

  5. And Save it to the Room or Library.

  6. The recording will be uploaded to the selected destination.

Disconnecting the Integration

If you need to disconnect your Gong account from Aligned, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Integrations.

  2. Scroll to Gong.

  3. And press Disconnect.


  1. Your Aligned account email must match your Gong account email to connect.

  2. Your Gong account can only belong to one workspace to connect.

  3. When selecting a call, we only show non-private calls and calls in Public Folders.

  4. We don't show any calls set as private, even if they are your own calls.

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